Daramazn Logistics specializes in transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution. Our hospitality logistics team can help local and international businesses with management, shipping, and warehousing. Our educated staff will help you through the challenges of international shipping. We provide a single source solution to and from any location in the world, keeping you updated on the status of your shipment at all times. Daramazn Company assumes responsibility for comprehensive logistics solutions and system development in response to customer needs. Long-term partnership is always the goal, and in customer contacts, the Company follows the following principle.


Procurement and Supply Management logistics

deals with all logistic tasks concerning the flow of good’s preparation, execution, and monitoring from supplier to recipient.

Warehousing and Yard

Our flexible multi-user-warehouses offer economic conditions and effective.

Supplying Equipment and Tools

Provide Domestic Logistic Service. Such as "Excavator, Front Wheel Loader, Flat Bed, Compactor, JCB, Forklift.

Renting Offices and buildings service

Providing office and building whenever and whatever you need.

Renting Cabin service

A huge number of cabins, caravans and camps for rent.

Renting Vehicle Service

Providing different kind of vehicles, such as Landcruiser, Pick up and bus …etc.

Diesel Supply services

Supplying best quality of Diesel to our client.

Domestic Transportation

moving your products and deliver it to your destination safely and on time.

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